Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Online Games

The online gaming industry has made its mark by taking the digital world by storm offering a real-time experience to users. At this age, online games are hard to resist as kids, adults, and professionals can enjoy the thrill and excitement anywhere and everywhere. This is what we have put on our discussion as we dive deeper into the Advantages and disadvantages of playing online games. Online gaming is next to Netflix and is proving its prevalence in playing a major role in social life.

What are the Advantages of Playing Online Games?

From revenue generation to mental exercises, playing online games is a passive activity you can participate in to hone your brain cells by multitasking, improving visual attention, and much more. 3-D video games are also another way to practice for real-life scenarios, take war games for instance.

1. Games keep your mind sharp

If you play video games daily, you tend to improve your multitasking skills, can enhance your visual attention, and are more capable to differentiate important details from useless ones. Try online detective games, for example, detective games allow you to direct your focus to the relevant things and objects that you can also apply practically in your real-life. On the other hand, card games like Yukon Solitaire and Hearts are excellent examples of how card games can sharpen your mind.

Yukon Solitaire requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and attention to detail. To succeed, you must arrange the cards in ascending order while following specific rules, enhancing your cognitive abilities related to organization and pattern recognition. This game challenges your memory and decision-making skills as you aim to uncover hidden cards intelligently. For example, you might need to decide between moving a particular card to reveal another or strategizing on the best sequence to create the foundation piles, all of which contribute to mental agility and problem-solving capabilities.

Hearts is a trick-taking card game that demands both strategic gameplay and social interaction. To excel in Hearts, you must be mindful of the cards played by other players and adapt your strategy accordingly, fostering the ability to anticipate and react to changing situations. Additionally, you need to avoid accumulating heart cards, which can negatively impact your score. This requires careful calculation and decision-making to outmaneuver opponents. Playing Hearts hones your analytical skills, memory, and the capacity to assess risks and rewards in real-time.

Both Yukon Solitaire and Hearts offer mental challenges that contribute to improved multitasking, visual attention, and the ability to distinguish relevant details from irrelevant ones, aligning with the cognitive benefits of regular gaming. These skills cultivated in card games can be applied practically in various aspects of daily life, enhancing overall mental sharpness.

2. Online Games and Money

According to Statista, the number of online gamers is expected to reach over 57 million by the end of the year 2020. The market for PC online games is projected to reach a value of around 33.6 billion USD.

China tops the chart with the highest revenue through online gaming. With only 58% of the total population with internet access, China accounts for one-third of the total online gaming revenue worldwide. America ranks second on the chart with around 31 Billion USD in gaming revenue recorded in 2019.

According to America Time Use Survey, Americans spend an average of 15 minutes daily playing online games. The top 5 countries in gaming revenue are Germany, Korea, and Japan, with the USA second to China totally combining 69.8 percent of the world’s top 100 countries.

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3. Means of Entertainment

Unquestionably, Online games have everything for everyone. Based on your preferences, you can purge your everyday stress by playing and keeping yourself busy at any time. Loads of games get updated every day on multiple websites that are full of learning stuff besides just entertainment. Adventure games are popularly known for busting stress.

So, whenever you have time while commuting to work, or resting on your couch, you are never wasting any time. Log in any time you want and let the action continue.

4. Networking through Multiplayer Games

Like many social media platforms, you can connect with people through online multiplayer games. You can communicate freely with likeminded people easily through group games disregarding your location and linguistic barriers.

As a team member you, get to team up with other players by coordinating with your co-players to develop your teamwork skills. Playing Multiplayer games helps you overcome challenges by figuring out quick solutions without losing. You can boost your score and performance, and even work out on some grave problems that can't be handled alone by discussing tactics.

5. Learning and Education

Most games are developed with a motto to educate the user, except the violent ones. Knowledge is always up for grabs and can be gained anywhere. Online games benefit you in one sort or the other. Thrill and excitement set aside, you can capitalize on your tactical and psychometric skills to better your thinking capacity and intelligence. The brain is a muscle that you don’t use, you lose.

Constant practice of the brain through games is essential for your mental health. Before clearing the practical tests in the Air Force, candidates have to pass the video game flying their aircraft through the hurdles. If you are wondering how do video games help? That’s the answer. Noticeable pros of playing online games include visual, mental, and physical coordination where you have to act in response to stimuli.

What are the Disadvantages of Playing Online Games?

1. Psychological Changes

The competitive world of gaming can turn your mood hypersensitive at any time. Your nervousness escalates as you advance through the next levels of games. Several studies reveal that playing online games is linked to developing traits like low self-efficacy, anxiety disorders, aggression, and depression. Potential consequences of playing online games are identified as maladaptive coping, and loneliness including psychosomatic problems.

2. Socializing Problems

There certainly are negative effects of online gaming on kids, adults, and youngsters. With over 2 billion gamers worldwide, merely a few are aware of the facts behind gaming. Some dangers of playing online games lurk behind this entertaining and musing world. If you spend a predominant part of your day playing online games, you should be familiar with the risks and cons of playing online games.

3. Relation to health hazards

Long hours of playing online games are associated with several health problems. Gamers who spend too many hours are prone to acquire eye strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even developing poor posture. Sitting in the same position in front of your computer screen may also turn you less physically active.

4. Some Games Promote Violence

Not every online game is meant for Kids. Recent changes and technological breakthroughs have made the internet more accessible to underage kids. Modern-day gaming has shaped up differently. Many games use adult and violent content to attract users. What makes the scenario even worse is that there are no age restrictions either because of business promotion by game developers.

What Matters?

Online games are a great way to end boredom and offer loads of learning stuff. On the flip side, some games have barged into human lives way too much to impact social life adversely. With these facts produced in the advantages and disadvantages of playing online games, the rest of the action is up to you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Online Games

Frequently Asked Questions

What are teh negative effects of online games?

Some of the negative effects of playing online games include lack of social etiquette, communication-gap between real friends and family, psychological changes, and developing health problems.

Why playing online games is bad?

Games do improve your visual attention, critical thinking, allowing you to use your tactical skills through eye-hand combination. But online games have alarmingly raised concerns among parents. From developing bad traits, misbehavior, and degraded academic performance are some issues to pinpoint.

What is the effect of online games to students?

High-students and collegegoers generally have to deal with poor academic performance due to giving hours of their time to Gaming. In some cases, gaming addiction can also lead to sleep disorders, lack of patience, and postural disorders in students.

Is PUBG bad for kids?

Every game that displays or uses Abusive/Violent content is bad for kids. On the contrary, games like PUBG are widely popular among kids. Such games are too intense for young kids must be restricted to underage users.

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