Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

With everything available on the internet these days, things we look are just a few clicks or taps away. With a sheer boom in the internet industry, companies move their business on social media to promote their brands and reach the target consumers. Social media has become a reliable tool to get the most out of your efforts. No questions why most people love social networking platforms so much these days. One of the primary reasons to stay connected is to your friends and families. You can voice your concerns, have your opinion on the table, and express your thoughts. What else does one need? No one must have imagined about the dangers of social media before adding their profile. To those who are amidst the confusion of whether social media is good or bad, here are some advantages and disadvantages of social media

Uses of Social Networking

Social Networking Giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr were made for multi-faceted use, of course. From sharing information to discussing business. There is no other platform other than social media that can provide you much convenient to converse with anyone.

Business aside, friends and families are most important to connect with, especially when you live away. The development of more social media apps further smoothens the communication process. What you have in mind, you can share instantly without any delay. In this age, there are hundreds of ways to get your message to the other end of the line.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Apps

Social media apps and sites being just a touch away from students, children, professionals, and entrepreneurs do have good and bad effects. What are the possible ways you are affected by social media use? Here are some positive and negative effects of social media for your information.

Advantages of Social Media

All the social media apps and sites were created with a motive to present and share ideas and opinions. Social media overcomes the cross-cultural boundaries and gives a way to connect with anyone you want. Majorly, these Advantages of Social Media were on the mind of the developers.

1. Educational Use of Social Media

Several educational institutions support the use of social media so as to share recent research or study-related content with students. This capability of social media bridges the gap, and students can connect with their teaching staff and groups easily, anytime and anywhere, to discuss their thesis and reports. This rise in the positive use of social networking sites also attracts attention to develop distance education further. No matter if you are staying on or off-campus, the point is you never miss out on your studies. You are never away from the morning news. If you happen to miss out on your news probably because your newspaper guy is absent, you can get all the latest news and affairs on social media. What is relevant goes viral in a matter of seconds.

2. Business and Brand Promotion

World-famous social personalities have been able to reach their audience through the proper use of social media platforms like YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are looking to increase your brand’s market value, too, with a little investment, social networking sites open the countless windows of opportunity for you. When you connect with an interested audience, you not only expose them to your brand but also build your brand loyalty. This way, social media can help you double your turnover.

3. Ease of finding relevant jobs

For hopefuls, social media platform like LinkedIn is a great help. Many business owners and other types of professional organizations look for the right candidates through social networking platforms. This reduces the overhead of searching at both ends. Both hopefuls and the recruiters can connect without wasting any time. The process that used to take days is now done within a few minutes through social media app such as skype.

4. Social media is full of fun and enjoyment

It is hard to hold yourself back from sharing your best moments with people familiar to you. Remember when you go for a vacation or an outing, or want to share the best event that makes your moments precious? This is when you share some memorable stuff in your friend's circle. When the work is exhausting, social media is also the best place to staving off extra pressure of workload. If you are having a stressful day at work, you can catch up with social networking sites and refresh your mood, maybe at lunch.

5. Social Networking helps you communicate without a problem

One of the benefits of Social Media apps is that these are internet-based with no restrictions like SMS and calling national or international tariffs. Social Media gives you the freedom to send your messages and words to any part of the world. With the help of social media apps and platforms, you never feel disconnected or restricted, regardless of your geography or fiscal concerns.

Disadvantages of Social Media

There are loads of worrying things you need to keep in mind, and some must have already come across these incidents while scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter profiles. Some disadvantages of Social Media can be adverse on users' mental or physical health as well.

1. Spreading Fake News

You never know how or where the fake news generates from. Fabricated news can be harmful as they can argumentative situations anytime. Some money-making websites use doctored news to attract users and get clicks to earn money. People fall victim to such information easily in search of fun and entertainment. The consequences of posting such material can be misleading and harmful for viewers as well as for the addressee — no need to remind you that reading such information would also be a waste of your time.

2. Harm to Privacy

As your information is rendered publically, the debates still continue over the safe use of social media and how to maintain your privacy. Once your images and details are posted on social media websites, the sites also own all your information. Your privacy is also at risk once you post something related to your geographical location or something that doesn’t seem tasteful to some people or groups. You can easily be targeted unknown or undesirables.

3. Social Media Makes you Disconnected from real world

Let’s face the truth, Virtual reality is making people lonelier in this advanced age. One of the leading negative effects of social media is on your mental health. Addiction to social media is far too dangerous than one can imagine. Too much time spent on social media leads to loss of connection from the real world, including your family and nature. In a recent survey 46% US citizens were found to be lonely and depressed followed by UK and Europe. The bright life of social life actually draws youngsters and teenagers quite easily. This age group is more likely to suffer from other adverse effects of social media which are insomnia, anxiety, laziness, and Lack of emotional connection.

4. Social Media Distracts easily

Social media platform risks include a disturbed work-life balance. The time you should be spending on your studies or work is spent on checking what other people posted or shared, comparing your lifestyle to others’, and worrying how people responded to your pictures or posts. This not only disturbs your personal life but also makes you anxious and urge you to please others. Moreover, this is when you pretend to be someone else.

5. Social Networking is Haven for Bullies

Cyberbullying is one of the dangers of Social Media that you can’t get under control. Social media is a dark place for trolling, cyberbullying, and hateful speeches. If you are an emotional person, social media is not the right place for you to share your time on. This happens on almost every social networking sites that regardless of whatever is posted, it is you who knows your feelings. Bullies have a free ticket to comment or distasteful remarks on social media which can be depressive, and demotivating for anyone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is social media important?

From the viewpoints of promoting and branding your business and sharing education information, social media is the right platform. Social Media caters to your requirements perfectly whether you are a student or an entrepreneur.

What are the advantages of using social media?

In terms of market, Social media is the most affordable place to reach your potential customers. You can gain massive attention from relevant people and nurture your business in the future potentially. You can also use multiple platforms to increase the chances of being highlighted.

What are the disadvantages of social media

Your information resides on social media which may be misused by hackers or undesirables and lead a potential threat to your business or privacy. Too much time spent on social media can also risk your mental and emotional health disconnecting you from the real world.

What are the negative effects of social media on youth?

No doubt youth and teenagers are majorly at the risk. some of the negative effects of social media are Cyberbullying, Depression, Lack of concentration, social isolation, and internet addiction.

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